JFK Assassination Conferences
     *Meetings and Events for 2016:

4th ANNUAL JFK ASSASSINATION CONFERENCE was held on November 18-19-20, 2016,
          at the Crowne Plaza Hotel 
     1015 Elm Street, Dallas, TX 75202 
            (DOWNTOWN DALLAS)

Produced by Judyth Vary Baker (JFK Conferences, LLC), by Lorien Fenton (Conscious Community Events), and by generous donors everywhere.

There were 3 days of presentations by prominent JFK Assassination researchers, as well as opportunities to meet and hear well-known and new witnesses.       
Master of Ceremonies: JOHN B. WELLS   


NOVEMBER 18, 2016 

11:00—11:45am  PRE-CONFERENCE “MEET AND GREET”: Book Signing; Art Exhibit by Paul Wilson (“Humanizing Lee Harvey Oswald”); Paintings for Sale by Judyth Vary Baker; Rare Prints by Larry Champion (all proceeds go to fund the conference and Nov. 22 ceremony)
11:30—11:45am  SAINT JOHN HUNT: Live Music
11:45—12:05pm  GARY FANNIN: Welcome and Opening Remarks, Pledge of Allegiance, The JFK Remembrance Ceremony, Tues. Nov. 22, 12:00-1:30pm, at Grassy Knoll
12:10—2:35pm  REVISITING THE “DOORWAY MAN” CONTROVERSY PANEL: Judyth Vary Baker, Roy Lewis (TSBD Witness), Larry Rivera, Chana Willis (Photo Expert)
2:45—3:30pm  STAN WEEBER: The Denton Connection
3:40—4:25pm SAINT JOHN HUNT: “Dorothy” and “Bond of Secrecy”
4:35—5:20pm  DOUGLAS CADDY: Lyndon Johnson, Malcolm Wallace, and Disinformation by the FBI and Well-Known Others
5:30—6:15pm  EDGAR TATRO: Crimes of Then and There, Linked to Crimes of Here and Now
8:00—8:40pm  DENNIS DAVID: The Second Coffin, the Film, and the Death of William Pitzer
8:40—9:25pm  JUDYTH BAKER: Col. Dan Marvin and the Murder of William Pitzer

NOVEMBER 19, 2016

8:05—8:20am  LARRY SCHNAPF: CAPA – Citizens Against Political Assassinations
8:20—9:30am  WITNESS “LINE UP” FOR LEE & JUDYTH: Chair, Judyth Vary Baker with Ray Hale, Victoria Hawes, Mary Morgan Jenkins, Angelina Nobile, Claudia Rodick’s Message
9:40—10:10am  GARY POWERS, JR.: The U2 Incident During Oswald’s Stay in the USSR
10:10—10:30am  Gary Powers, Jr Introduces ‘GREG’ GREGORY: I was a U2 Pilot in the Cuban Missile Crisis
10:40—11:20am  RICHARD BARTHOLOMEW: Mac Wallace – The Fingerprints
12:50—1:30pm  Gary Fannin Introduces JOHN BARBOUR: The Garrison Film II
1:40—2:25pm  JIM MARRS: The Kennedy Assassination and What We Know Today
2:30—3:15pm DR. CYRIL WECHT: The Nation’s Top Autopsy Expert Speaks Up
3:25—4:10pm  PHIL NELSON: The Treachery of LBJ
4:10—4:55pm  PETER JANNEY: Mary’s Mosiac
4:55—5:00pm  JOHN B. WELLS, Master of Ceremonies: Introduction of Ole Dammegard
5:00—6:15pm  OLE DAMMEGARD: False Flag Attacks – Connecting Then and Now
7:15—10:00pm  SPECIAL EVENT — SOLD OUT — “DINE WITH THE SPEAKERS”: David Denton – Host; Jim Marrs received Justice for Lee Harvey Oswald Award; Abraham Bolden received Justice for John F. Kennedy Award; Andrew Kreig – Special Guest; Sean Stone – His New Book; Saint John Hunt – Live Music  

NOVEMBER 20, 2016~ Begins 8:00am

7:55—8:05am  DAVID DENTON, Master of Ceremonies ~ Sunday’s Opening Remarks and Conference Business
8:05—8:25am  WILLIAM WARRICK: The Hidden Autopsy of RFK
8:30—9:15am  SHANE O’SULLIVAN: The Death of RFK – Sirhan Sirhan’s Parole
9:25—10:10am  WAYNE MADSEN and JUDYTH VARY BAKER: Rafael Cruz and His Association in New Orleans with Lee Harvey Oswald
10:20—11:05am  BARR McCLELLAN: LBJ: Above the Law
11:15—12:05pm  ROGER STONE: Topic TBA
2:00pm FREE VAN PICKUP TO Dallas Fort Worth Airport ~ CROWNE PLAZA SHUTTLE TO Love Field by Arrangement
2:00—2:20pm  JOHN B. WELLS, Master of Ceremonies ~ Welcome Back, Announcements and Personal Statements
2:20—3:10pm  VINCE PALAMARA: The Kennedy Detail and the Secret Service’s Cover-Up
3:20—4:10pm  SEAN STONE: The New World Order
4:20—5:05pm  GORDON FERRIE: The Kennedy Assassinations
5:15—6:10pm  DR. JAMES FETZER: Revision and Deception in the Zapruder Film
6:20—6:55pm BEVERLY OLIVER: My Testimony
7:05—7:15pm  GARY FANNIN: Final Remarks and Invitation to November 22nd JFK Memorial Ceremony, 12:00-1:30pm at the ‘Grassy Knoll’
7:15—7:20pm  BEVERLY OLIVER: Closing Prayer
7:20—7:45pm RAFFLE & FAREWELL: Pictures, Book Signing, Networking and Goodbye
10:30pm  SPECIAL EVENT ~ Tippit and Oswald Excursion (more information at the Conference)

Picket Fence On Grassy Knoll
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