JFK Assassination Conferences
    *Meetings and Events for 2019:

                  UFO MEGA CON
           "The Immersion Event"
                March 24-30, 2019
                Laughlin, Nevada
                  Aquarius Hotel

  *7 Days of Speakers (3/24-3/30)

-- "Military Whistleblower" Wed. 3/27
-- "George Noory" Fri. 3/29

  40+ Speakers
Surprise Guests
Intimate Experiencer Groups
Extraordinary Films
New Witness Testimony
Special Event Evenings
Implant Scanning
Exhibitor Hall
Musical Entertainment
Skywatch at Petroglyphs



Picket Fence On Grassy Knoll
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The New Orleans Connection Documents by John Gooch
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Photo Taken When First Shot Was Fired