JFK Assassination Books and Essay 
   I've written an in depth essay about the New Orleans connection to the case (Clay Shaw, David Ferrie, Gen. Edwin Walker, Mafia, and the CIA).
Click here to read more about my JFK assassination essay. I also have a great collection of Kennedy assassination books listed here. They explore different conspiracy theories held by Jim Garrison and other key figures. These books are windows into history and its mystery.

My favorite JFK assassination book is
On The Trail of The Assassins by Jim Garrison.
                     Others are listed below:
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More JFK Assassination Books
Farewell America
by James Hepburn
by Anthony Summers
          High Treason
by Robert Groden and Harrison Livingstone (Dallas, oil and Watergate)
The Man Who Knew Too Much
  by Dick Russell
A Texan Looks At Lyndon
     by J. Evetts Haley

Texas In The Morning
by Madeleine Brown
    (LBJ mistress)
Deep Politics and The Death of JFK
        by Peter Dale Scott
(CIA, military, and big business)
The Secret Team
by Fletcher Prouty
(CIA and mil. ops.)
Coup D'Etat In America
by Alan Weberman and Michael
Canfield (the three tramps)
   Never Again! The Government
Conspiracy in the JFK Assassination
       by Harold Weisberg
ZR Rifle: The Plot to Kill Kennedy
   and Castro by Claudia Furiati
by Jim Marrs
Plausible Denial
by Mark Lane     (CIA officers)
Best Evidence
by David Lifton
(medical evidence)
JFK Motorcade With Security
Family of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty, America's Invisible Government, and The Hidden History of The Last Fifty Years
by Russ Baker
Inside The Gemstone File
by Kenn Thomas & David
Hatcher Childress
(Howard Hughes, Onassis, & JFK)
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