New Orleans and The JFK Assassination 
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  Greetings, I am John Gooch from Louisiana. 
I investigated the JFK assassination for several years and wrote an essay about what I found. My main focus was on Clay Shaw, the CIA, Mafia, Permindex, and the oil - defense industry. My essay "The New Orleans Connection" discusses the connections between certain oil and aerospace executives and people connected to the case. I also cover the relationship between New Orleans and Dallas suspects, where I explore some of the activities of Gen. Edwin Walker in the Big Easy. The paper details the CIA, Mafia, and French connections to the JFK assassination. In addition, there is discussion of some of the activities of associates of Clay Shaw (New Orleans International Trade Mart  manager and director). These include David Ferrie, Lee Harvey Oswald and Guy Banister. 
Dealey Plaza, Dallas
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Below is an article about the man who took the rap for the whole dirty deed:
"Lee Harvey Oswald"

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  In 1961, Gen. Edwin Walker was commander of the 24th Division of the U.S. Army in West Germany, when he was relieved of his command because he attempted to indoctrinate his men with his political philosophy. Soon after, he resigned from the Army. In early 1963, Gen. Edwin Walker was visited by Dallas mobster Jack Ruby (Warren Commission, Vol. 26: CE 2981 - FBI Report). One and two days before the JFK assassination, Gen. Walker held a series of meetings in New Orleans. Also, there was a Texas oil connection to the assassination. Los Angeles Mafia courier Jim Braden had visited H. L. Hunt's downtown, Dallas office the day before the assassination, shortly after Jack Ruby went there (WC, Vol. 25: CE 2291 -- FBI Report). 
In 1963, H. L. Hunt was the richest oilman in Texas. Both Hunt and Gen. Walker lived and worked in Dallas. The owners of the oil and defense industry wanted to remove President Kennedy and escalate the Vietnam War, so they could make billions in profits off of the conflict. After Mason Lyndon Johnson became President, he escalated the Vietnam War. After Richard Nixon became President in 1969, he expanded the war. Both Presidents served the interests of the corporations. They were adversaries of JFK and moved up in stature after his demise.

   In the photo above, the limo approaches the Grassy Knoll, where the gunman waits behind the picket fence. He can't get a clear shot until the limo passes the Grassy Knoll pergola. After the limo passes the pergola, the gunman fires the fatal head shot. He would have been much closer to the President than Oswald and had an easier shot. It would also be easier for him to escape because he didn't have to work his way through a crowded building. Most bystanders thought the head shot came from the Grassy Knoll and ran in that direction after the gunfire ended, along with a motorcycle officer who was riding behind the limo (see photo below). On the Zapruder film, you can see the head shot push JFK's head back and away from the Grassy Knoll, indicating a shot coming from behind the picket fence atop the Grassy Knoll and from the right front of the limousine. This proves there was more than one gunman and thus a conspiracy (a clear truth).
    On Nov. 24, 1963, Jack Ruby fatally shot Lee Harvey Oswald once in the abdomen, in the basement of Dallas police headquarters (in City Hall), where he was being transferred to the County Jail. The incident occurred on live television. 
The official version of the event is that Ruby had walked down a car ramp to get to the basement, even though the narrow entrance to the car ramp was guarded by a heavy set police officer. Jack Ruby couldn't have snuck into the narrow entrance of the car ramp without being seen. 
Just two days after the JFK assassination, Jack Ruby killed Lee Harvey Oswald to make sure he could never tell what he knew about the Mafia, CIA, and Dallas connections to the case. Oswald was born in New Orleans and lived in various places before returning there in April of 1963.
An important part of the conspiracy exists there. The truth needs to be told about what really happened to JFK and Lee Harvey Oswald. If you feel the same way, write to or email your congressman and tell him we need to reopen the JFK assassination case and set things right. I would not recommend watching the TV news or ads, which are poison created by them for their own purposes (to confuse and weaken, for easier control of public, through repetition of lies and illusions).
Any real progress costs them in lost profits, so they don't allow it.
   Below is a photo taken shortly after President John Kennedy and Texas Governor John Connally were shot.

Wide Shot of Grassy Knoll
Jackson Square, New Orleans

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